Patch 2.0 Full Notes

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    Patch 2.0 Notes:

    - Brand New Village.
    - Brand New UI.
    - New Loading Screen.
    - Character creation has been reworked.
    - Starter Items have been reworked.
    - S11 Faction Rewards are now available.
    - Halloween 2017 Clothing is back in Shop for a limited time !
    - New mouse hover animation on all items and skills.
    - New Character Faces for both genders.
    - New Animation for combat recharge.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where Shop wouldn't let the player buy cloths for the right price.
    - Fixed a bug where Faction Masters couldn't upgrade Faction Hall after Level 3.
    - Fixed a bug where Profile screen wouldn't display character stats properly.
    - Fixed a bug where the character wouldn't return to their original place after attacking.
    - Fixed a bug where Shop wouldn't let the player buy hairstyles for the right price.
    - Fixed a bug where KoalaEntertainments Back Item gift wouldn't redirect to the IOS and Android links.
    - Fixed a bug where Burn and Ghost Flame wouldn't stack on eachother.

    - Genin Starter Package has been removed.
    - Coin, Gold and Essence Prices have been adjusted.
    - Hair Equip has been moved to UI and Hair Shop building has been removed.
    - Materials Section has been renamed into Items.
    - You can no longer select your character's starter clothing during char creation, instead all starter items will be in shop.
    - Starter Hairs can now be bought for Gold, instead of coins.
    - All hairs and clothings are now level 1 without any specific level requirement.
    - Improved security against hacks in Shop.
    - File sizes have been decreased, increasing the game perfomance and speed.

    - Starter Hair prices have been changed from 20 coins to 10 000 gold.
    - Snowball Blast cooldown has been increased from 4 to 10.
    - Snowball Blast damage has been increased from 40 to 46.
    - Snowball Blast no longer requires any energy to be used.
    - Secret: Giant Snowball cooldown has been increased from 6 to 11.
    - Secret: Giant Snowball damage has been increased from 100 to 134.


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